Navajo Pottery : Rainbow Yei : Lucy Leuppe McKelvey

Navajo Pottery

Hand Made by Lucy Leuppe McKelvey
Whirling Rainbow Goddess Twirling Through the Clouds
Size : 9.5″ x 11″ 

Influences:  The Navajo ceremonials and traditional teachings of all the old people that I was raised with, especially from my great-grandmother and grandparents.  Also I have been greatly influenced by the pottery from the ruins that surrounded my childhood home and by Navajo and Pueblo potter friends and relatives that have helped, encouraged and inspired me.  And last of all I might even be influenced by some of my Hopi-Tewa ancestry. 

Artist Statement:  I am mostly a self taught potter who has spent the last 44 years trying to make the art of Navajo pottery evolve up into a fine art form that goes beyond tradition but still uses traditional native materials and methods I am known for making very large, poly-chrome pots in a great variety of shapes that are painted with almost outrageous detail.  Most of my work tells a story and contains design elements from the ancients, ceremonial sandpaintings, baskets, and rugs that have been stylized by my own imagination and inspiration.

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Type: Pottery

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