Native American Jewelry: Navajo : Wild Horse Inlay Belt Buckle : Steve Francisco

Sterling Silver  and Wild Horse and Spiny Oyster shell Inlay Belt Buckle
Navajo : Steve Francisco
Stamped : Sterling : SF
3 1/4″  x 2″
fits : up to 1 1/4″ wide  belt

Some call it Wild Horse Turquoise, but that's incorrect. Wild Horse is magnesite - which is a combination of magnesium carbonite and hematite. When these two minerals come together you get a nice chocolatey brown with white spots which look like the blanket of an Appaloosa horse. You may also see this stone listed as Crazy Horse or Appaloosa. This stone is fairly new. It was discovered in the 1990s in southern Arizona.

Here we have a beautiful Wild Horse inlay belt buckle brought to life by Navajo artist Steve Francisco. Steve is recognized for his ability to create breathtaking inlay work - from watch bands, to earrings, belt buckles to bracelets, and bolos to pendants.

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