Native American Jewelry : Navajo : #8 Turquoise Bracelet : Delbert Gordon : NAJ-28

Delbert Gordon is a very well known and highly skilled silver jewelry artisan.  Self-taught, he started making jewelry with his brother-in-law after high school.  For over 30 years he worked for different businesses and his style began to develop.  He then branched out and began working for himself. Over the years he has become a mentor to others.

Known for his heavy, and deeply designed works, he said in an interview, "...I just start working on the piece and it starts to become something.  My style is what the stone wants to become."

#8 Turquoise is one of the most valuable stones that can be collected and used in jewelry.  The mine is in the Lynn mining district in Eureka County, NV and is considered depleted. High-grade #8 turquoise is by far some of the finest turquoise to ever have come from Nevada.  

When you combine the hands of a gifted artisan with valued turquoise, you're sure to come up with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece to be worn and treasured. 

Style # 8 Turquoise and Silver Bracelet
Artist Delbert GordonNavajo

5 3/8″ of Silver with 1″ opening
7/8″ Cuff width

#8 Turquoise : 1/2″ x 5/8″

Marked Sterling : D Gordon
Item # NAJ-28
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Type: Bracelets

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