1st Phase Chief Blanket : Marianito : Churro 1410

The judges at the 2016 Gallup Inter-tribal Ceremonial awarded this stunning 1st Phase Chief Blanket second place among its peers. 
1st Phase Navajo Blankets first came into existence in the first half of the 1800s and are recognized by their broad wide bands of dark natural wool color and alternating cream colored wool. They are often seen with bands of indigo blue or bayetta red. 

Chief blankets are shoulder blankets  so than when folded down and wrapped around you they would protect you from the elements.  The striped design would match when held with a pin or hands. Trivia fact:  Chief blankets are the only "wearable" which is woven wider than it is long.  The serape is woven vertically whereas the Chief blanket is woven horizontally. 

The Marianito family wove this gorgeous blanket using 100% Churro wool in which the indigo wool was hand-dyed. This piece is part of our exclusive Churro Collection 

Style Chief Blankets

Meet the weavers:
Judy Marianito  
Kathy Marianito 
Jalucie Marianito, and Jamie Marianito

Circa 2014
Size 4'6" x 6'1"
Item # Churro 1410
Award 2nd Place - 2016 Gallup Inter-tribal ceremonial
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A unique blend of history, Native American culture and storytelling make these weavings an art like no other.

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