3rd Phase Navajo Chief Blanket : Kathy Marianito : Churro 1551

Hot off the Loom and at the Gallery!!

85 years young, Master Weaver Kathy Marianito is always busy at her loom!  She just finished a 3rd phase Chief Blanket variant.  As always with Kathy, this blanket will be finely woven.  100% hand dyed Churro wool, Indigo and Cochineal was used during the dye process. 

Kathy's Navajo Chief blanket is her own design and we can't wait to see it in person.! 
steve getzwiller and Kathy Marianito Steve with Kathy and her husband - December 2015

Style 3rd Phase Chief Blanket Variant
Weaver Kathy Marianito
Circa  2017
Size 4'2" x 5'8"
Item # Churro 1551
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