Red Mesa - Modern Art Navajo Weaving : Cecelia Nez : Churro 1470

Each year at the Gallup Ceremonial, the Joe Ben Wheat Award is given for Exceptional Design. Joe Ben Wheat (1916-1997) was famous for his expert knowledge on Navajo blankets and weavings. To be honored with this award is very special. We're pleased that the award was given to Cecelia Nez' Innovative Design weaving which was inspired by abstract artist, Frank Stella.  Cecelia also earned 2nd place for this piece at the 2016 Gallup Inter-tribal Ceremonial. 

In an oft-repeated statement, Frank Stella said of his Minimalist stripe paintings, “What you see is what you see,” although he did add, “but the worthwhile qualities of painting are always going to be both visual and emotional, and it’s got to be a convincing emotional experience.”

It's easy to see the influence that Frank Stella has had on Cecelia Nez. His painting has two panels. Her incredible weaving has three panels. It's such a beautiful innovative design, we are excited to take it to the Ceremonial later this month for judging, and then on to the Santa Fe Indian Market.

It's incredibly tightly woven! This weaving is from our exclusive Churro Collection.

This weaving is featured in our "Master Weavings of the Navajo Churro Collection" Exhibit at Nizhoni Ranch Gallery, March 2019 and the "Master Weavings of the Navajo Churro Collection" catalog. 

Style Red Mesa
Weaver Ceceilia Nez - Meet the Weaver
Date 2016
Size 35″ x 75″(.889M x 1.90M)
Item # Churro 1470

• Joe Ben Wheat Award is given for Exceptional Design

• 2nd place Red Mesa / Teec Nos Pos - 2016 Gallup Inter-tribal Ceremonial. 

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A unique blend of history, Native American culture and storytelling make these weavings an art like no other.

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Type: Red Mesa

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