Old Style Crystal Navajo Rug Weaving : Elsie Bia : Churro 1518

This weaving is especially special to all who attended the Open House for the Navajo Textiles as Woven Art exhibit at the Ranch.  Elsie brought her loom and finished THIS weaving before our very eyes.  Finishing is one of the most difficult parts in the weaving process.  You can watch a bit of the process on our Facebook video. You can also see the beautiful colors in natural light. Click here

Woven in the fashion of an Old Style Crystal, this remarkable piece captures your attention with a 5-layer border. valero stars and stylized butterfly/flowers bring your attention to the "eye dazzling" central design. 

All of the colors in this piece were hand-dyed 100% Churro wool.  
2nd place 2017 Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial 

This weaving is featured in our "Master Weavings of the Navajo Churro Collection" Exhibit at Nizhoni Ranch Gallery, March 2019 and the "Master Weavings of the Navajo Churro Collection" catalog.

Style Crystal
Weaver Elsie Bia - Meet the Weaver
Circa 2017
Size 47″ x 73″ (3'11" x 6'1")
Item # Churro 1518
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