Navajo Womans Shawl : Lucie Marianito : Churro 1535

This one is definitely the gold under the rainbow!!!  

Just finished in time for Gallup Inter Tribal Ceremonial.

Lucie Marianito has finished weaving an unusual form of wearable art.  This shawl was woven from natural dyed blended Silk/Merino wool., it feels soft and luxurious.  Indigo blue and purple and cochineal.  It is about 2.5' x 6.5'  and fits nicely over your shoulders.  Ideal shawl proportions, this can easily be draped as a display when not being worn.. 

Another beautiful and dramatic example of wearable art!  

Style Navajo Womans Shawl
Weaver Lucie Marianito
Date 2017
Size 31" x 76"
Item # Churro 1535
Awards Best of Category-Wearable Art
1st place 2017 Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial

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Type: Womans Manta

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