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Exquisite Contemporary Navajo Rugs from Nizhoni Ranch Gallery

Contemporary Navajo Rug : Ganado Navajo Weaving : Nelena Hanley : 3272

How old can a Navajo rug be and still be considered a contemporary or newer Navajo rug?

While certainly debatable, generally speaking, Navajo rugs circa 1950 and newer are considered a contemporary piece.

Below, you will find a huge selection of exquisite contemporary Navajo rugs for sale.

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Modern Navajo Weaving is a Centuries Old Art

Handmade Navajo rugs are part of sacred Navajo history and culture.

Beginning in the early 1700s, the Pueblo people and the Spanish taught the Navajo how to weave. Authentic Navajo weaving has been practiced for more than 300 years in an unbroken chain. Click here for more Navajo weaving history.

Contemporary Navajo rugs continue this ancient tradition. The gorgeous Native American art of weaving is not just representative of the past. These modern pieces of Navajo Art are also emblems of “The Next Phase” of Navajo weaving.

Handmade Navajo rugs are truly works of art. Navajo rugs take many months to create. Each piece is truly unique. Weavers all across the Navajo Reservation create contemporary Navajo rugs. Navajo Rugs come in all sizes, colors, and price ranges.

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Ancient Art Gives Way to The Next Phase of Navajo Weaving

Contemporary Navajo Rug Burntwater Navajo Weaving : Elvie Van Winkle : 3352

Many Navajo weaving historians and experts agree, now is the most exciting moment in Native American textiles history in the past 100 years! Experts like Steve Getzwiller are helping to lead the Navajo weavers into a new era of design. This exciting era pays homage to the past while looking expectantly toward the future.

Exciting developments include:

  • A return to Navajo blanket weaving.
  • The reintroduction of Navajo Churro wool.
  • The first uses of alpaca, silk, and other new materials in traditional Navajo blanket weaving.

In all instances, Steve Getzwiller and are helping to lead the charge, along with a cadre of brilliantly gifted Navajo weavers.

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Are Contemporary Navajo Rugs Different than Historic or Antique Navajo Rugs?

There are more similarities than differences when it comes to historic or vintage antique Navajo rugs, or contemporary newer Navajo rugs.

In fact, both maintain their authenticity because they use the same traditional weaving methods.

Contemporary Navajo Rug Master Weavers

A few examples of these Navajo weaving methods are:

  • Using sheep's wool. Many times handspun wool.
  • An upright loom with a continuous warp thread. A key differentiator.
  • Natural traditional dyes. Culturally authentic materials.

This is the same, exclusive Navajo weaving methodology used throughout history. (Click here for Historic Navajo Rugs..)

Thankfully, contemporary Navajo weaving is a true continuation of this beautiful historic art form. Contemporary Navajo weavers also combine historic styles and traditional designs with their own patterns, colors and flair.

And so continues the old WITH the new! The Next Phase.

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Become a Part of the Next Phase of Navajo Weaving

Teec Nos Pos Navajo Weaving : Sheila Sagg : 2096 from Nizhoni Ranch Gallery Navajo Rugs for Sale

By purchasing a contemporary Navajo rug, you can become a part of this thrilling Next Phase of Navajo art.

Owning a contemporary, handmade Navajo rug at this important moment in time is a great opportunity. Navajo weaving is at a crossroads. Those who buy now will have a remarkable and durable piece of design history to bequeath to their children and grandchildren.

Whether a 100-year-old antique Navajo rug piece of history, or a brand new contemporary weaving seen below, when you choose a real Navajo rug you choose authentic superiority. You get superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, one-of-a-kind uniqueness, with beautiful handwork no machine could ever replicate.

Join the fun and get the Navajo rug “sickness”!! Scroll on down to view current contemporary Navajo rugs offered.

Email or call 520-455-5020 if you would like to see other pieces or need more information.

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