HOLD Two Grey Hills/Ganado Navajo Tapestry : Priscilla Taugelchee : PC 216

Daisy Taugelchee (1911-1990) is considered to be the most famous of all Navajo Weavers, with a reign that lasted 50 years. Daisy set a standard of fine, smooth evenly spun wool woven into a superior quality textiles. 

Priscilla Taugelchee was Daisy's daughter-in-law.  Daisy encouraged Priscilla to weave the finest of tapestries.  Steve had the opportunity to visit with Priscilla and provided red New Zealand Romney wool roving for her.  Priscilla re-spun the wool to create this extremely tight tapestry with 100 wefts per inch.  Priscilla Taugelchee only wove 2 red tapestries.

The extremely finely woven Two Grey Hills/Ganado Tapestry featured here has a weft count of approximately 100 per inch. All Natural color wool except for the red. 

Taugelchee Tapestries at Nizhoni Ranch Gallery  Priscilla Taugelchee's 2nd red weaving

This weaving is part of the Timeless Treasures of Two Grey Hills exhibit.

Style Two Grey Hills 
Weaver Priscilla Taugelchee
Circa 1980
Size 16" x 27" 
Item # PC 216

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