Two Grey Hills Navajo Tapestry : Daisy Taugelchee : PC 215

Daisy Taugelchee (1911-1990) is considered to be the most famous of all Navajo Weavers, with a reign that lasted 50 years. Daisy set a standard of fine, smooth evenly spun wool woven into a superior quality textiles that was unmatched by any other weaver. She took first place at the ceremonial in 1944 and won consistently for the next 40 years. By the time she was 35 she had won all of the top honors available to a Navajo weaving artist.To learn more about this gifted woman, please check out this wonderful article from the Navajo Times. (Alternate spellings: tagulchee, tauglechee, tagolchee)

In 2004 the US Postal Service issued a stamp featuring a 1948 Daisy Taugelchee Tapestry on it, honoring the talent and artistic skill of this Native American. (see images)

The extremely finely woven Two Grey Hills Tapestry featured here has a weft count of approximately 100-110 per inch. All Natural color wool. The lightest brown is from the wool very close to the sheep’s skin. There is slight from exposure to sunlight, this can be seen in the two photos attached with the tapestry folded over.  1st image shows fade underneath and 2nd shows fade folded over top.

This weaving is part of the Timeless Treasures of Two Grey Hills exhibit.

Style Two Grey Hills 
Weaver Daisy Taugelchee
Circa 1980
Size 14" x 27" 
Item # PC 215
Learn more about the Two Grey Hills style of weaving

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