Yei Be Chei : Historic : GHT 2215

Protected by a border of arrow fletchings on all sides, Yei Dancers prepare to dance in a healing ceremony.  Talking God with all of the feathers on his head wears a deer pelt as a sash and carries a weasel skin.  The dancers are all male with the exception of the female with the square head in the center.  The male dancers are adorned with fox tails hanging from their skirts. Calling God is seen at the other end with brown feathers on his head. All are wearing collars made of spruce. 

The artist who brought this piece to life used hand-carded, hand-spun, and hand dyed native wool.  It would have taken several months to prepare the wool for this piece before life ever touched it on the loom. 

This is an exceptional weaving and was featured in our Woven Holy People exhibit.  You can see the exhibit guide here. 

Style Yei / Yei Be Chei
Weaver Unknown Navajo
Date circa 1930s
Size 5′2″ x 3′11″ (1.57M x 19M)
Item # GHT 2215
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A unique blend of history, Native American culture and storytelling make these weavings an art like no other.

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Type: Sandpainting

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