Native American Jewelry : Navajo : Necklace - Turquoise beads, Night Sky Over Shiprock 2 sided pendant : Ervin P Tsosie : NAJ-N21

It's been said that during the winter months, the night sky in the area between the Four Sacred Mountains is the most spectacular site in all of the world.  The black sky is filled with more stars than can ever be counted in a lifetime.  

Navajo Ervin P Tsosie pulls elements from the Navajo culture -mythical, spiritual, and ceremonial beings are brought to life through his exquisite inlay skills.  

In this piece we have a Lapis beaded necklace with turquoise, coral, and other stones of meaning.  Beautiful enough to be worn alone, Ervin created this museum quality pendant to accompany it on its life journey. 

The sky is filled with Navajo symbols - above sacred Shiprock.  Opposite side shows Yeis with beautiful headdresses.  The lines are so fine only a gifted artisan could create such work of art. 

Mother of Pearl
Sterling Silver

Two sided pendant: 2.25" x 1.5"
Turquoise Necklace:  17' long

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Type: Necklaces

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