Kachina - Hopi : Tokoch - Delbert Sewemaenewa

The Tokoch Kachina, also known as the Wildcat Kachina doesn't appear in regular dances usually. He's known as the Angry or Guard Kachina and comes to oversee when there is work to be done in the community like cleaning the springs.

This intriguing piece was carved into life by Paul Sewemaenewa in the 1970s. From an excellent article in the AZ Highways magazine from 2005, "Paul finds just the right piece of wood and then waits, and listens for the wood to tell him what he wants it to be.  He says, when he's patient with the wood, the finished piece comes out better."   

Hopi Kachina : Tokoch Wildcat Kachina
Artist Delbert Sewemaenewa
Wildcat kachina : 13″ 
circa 1970’s

The Hopi language does not included the "ch" sound.  When speaking of the spirit dancers, Katsina is used.  When speaking of the dolls that represent them, kachina is used. The plural of Katsina is Katsinam.

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Type: Folk Art

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