Ganado - Klagetoh Navajo Weaving : Emma Lee : JV

With lines so tight and crisp, this piece looks like an illustration rather than a piece of art you can hold in your hands and wrap around you.

The ganado red jumps off of this piece as if it shot from a cannon! This piece won 1st Place at the 1979 New Mexico State Fair.   

Emma Lees was a Master Weaver featured in "The Fine Art of Navajo Weaving"  Just look at the detail photos and you can see that she was gifted by Spiderwoman to be a great artist of the loom. 

Style Ganado - Klagetoh 
Weaver Emma Lee
Date 1979
Size 44″ x 71″ (74.5M x 1.803M)
Item # JV

Learn more about the Ganado - Klagetoh style of weaving

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Type: Klagatoh

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