Germantown Sunday Saddle Throw : Historic Navajo Weaving : PC 69

Germantown Sunday Saddle Throw, made with Germantown yarns.  This beautifully designed Sunday or "fancy" single saddle blanket throw utilizes salt and pepper yarn with pompoms.

The fringe which accessorizes the back edge of the blanket indicates that this was a Sunday blanket, or one used on special occasions as the fringe could be easily worn away from the saddle rubbing on it.  

This is a "single" blanket style and would have lain fully flat on top of the saddle for extra padding and show.

Part of an Exhibition at the Tucson Desert Art Museum January 4 2017 to April 30 2017 Please look at the Dazzled Eye catalog on page 14 to find this weaving.

Style Saddle Blankets
Weaver Unknown Navajo
Date circa 1880
Size 21″ x 22″ (1'9" x 1'10")
Item # PC 69
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