Navajo Germantown Blanket : Historic : PC 279

Germantown yarn (from Germantown Pennsylvania) was first introduced to the Navajo at Bosque Redondo, so the women would have some material to weave their highly prized rugs. The Navajo Indians were allowed to return to their reservation (1868), where the weavers continued to use the popular Germantown yarns because they liked working with the vast array of colors. During the early years 1864-1875 Germantown yarn was 3 ply and was 4-ply after 1875. This yarn was provided as an annuity by the U.S. Government until 1878, after that the local Traders supplied Germantown and other yarns.

This weaving is made with 4-ply Germantown yarn, and reflects a strong Rio Grande design influence, as shown by the prominent central serrated diamond motif.

Part of an Exhibition at the Tucson Desert Art Museum January 4 2017 to April 30 2017 Please look at the Dazzled Eye catalog on page 14 to find this weaving.

Style Germantown 
Weaver Unknown Navajo
Date circa 1880-1890
Size 47″ x 55″ (1.19M  x 1.40M)
Item # PC 279
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Type: Germantown

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