Pictorial - Medicine bag : Historic : GHT 2232

This is an excellent example of Navajo Textiles as Modern Art.  As a symbolic piece this weaving features 4 "drawstring" medicine pouches and many feathers of protection which would be placed inside the central medicine bag.  (see photos for actual medicine pouches).

To create this weaving, the gifted loom artist hand-carded, hand-spun, and hand-dyed 100% Merino wool.  The blue and green arrow shafts are woven with Germantown yarn. The red yean was masterfully carded to create the beautiful variegation in the tones.  The weaver chose brown, gray, and cream yarns and carded them together to create the gorgeous gray-brown background. This piece would have been brought to life on an outside loom attached to a tree.

To appreciate all of the time and work that goes into a piece of woven art that has been hand-carded and hand spun, please watch this youtube video which shows Master Weaver Clara Sherman carding and spinning wool. It was filmed in 2009 and is such a blessing to demonstrate the ways of the Navajo weaver. When done by hand, the preparation of the wool can take months before it ever touches the loom.
Style Pictorial 
Weaver Unknown
Circa 1900
Size 3'2" x 5'6"
Item # GHT 2232

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A unique blend of history, Native American culture and storytelling make these weavings an art like no other.! 
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Type: Pictorial

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