Teec Nos Pos : Historic : GHT 807

This beauty is an early example of a Teec Nos Pos rug. It's easy to see the oriental rug influence in this 1930s piece. The central stars and unusual "wrench" border designs are unique in this piece. Did you notice the arrow and feathers? You don't see them until you SEE them. They may have been added to give added protection to this weaving. 

This is a large, and very finely woven tapestry. It measures 5.5" x 8' and would make an impressive conversation piece on the floor, wall, or as a cover to a pool table, or draped over a piece of furniture.

Style Teec Nos Pos
Weaver Unknown Navajo
Date circa 1930s
Size 5.5′ x 8′ (1.67M x 2.4M)
Item # GHT 807
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Type: Teec Nos Pos

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