Twill Double Saddle Blanket Navajo Weaving : Historic : PC 248

Those who learn and master the very difficult style of Twill weaving are in a class by themselves. A Twill weave yields a different pattern on each side. Some weavers even weave a different design on each side.  This dazzling Twill weave is from our private collection. 

This weaving is a child/twill double saddle blanket.  The wool is dyed with synthetic dyes and Brazil wood brown vegetal dye.

Likely woven by a Navajo woman living in a Hispanic household, near Santa Fe or Albuquerque area.  Only the Hispanic would have had access to some of the dye stuff utilized in this blanket.

This weaving was part of an Exhibition showing at the Tucson Desert Art Museum January 4 2017 to April 30 2017 – Please look at the Dazzled Eye catalog on page 4 to find this weaving. 

 This piece was likely woven by the same weaver as PC-249.  See below.

In good company  

Style Twill / Saddle Blanket
Weaver Unknown
Circa 1880s
Size 31.5" x 48" (0.80M x 1.22M)
Item # PC 248
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A unique blend of history, Native American culture and storytelling make these weavings an art like no other.

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Type: Twill Weave

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