Miniature : Two Grey Hills Navajo Tapestry : Matilda Yazzie Bia : m-148

Miniature Two Grey Hills Tapestry 

Navajo Weaver Matilda Yazzie Bia
5" x 7″

Miniature tapestries are unique in Navajo weaving – since the early 1970’s they have been woven by just a few extended families from The Sawmill/White Clay area of the Navajo reservation. They have evolved into their own distinctive type of Navajo weaving collectible.

Small weavings have a special place in our gallery. Whether you're looking for a small gift for someone, or would like to showcase them around your home or office, miniatures are representative of the art of Navajo weaving.

Add this piece to your collection today - it would look beautiful on an end table, a bedside table, or showcased with others in a display.

Contact us for more information, pricing or to order – or 520-455-5020 -- We will be glad to help you!

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