Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug : Helen Bia : Churro 1503

 This beautiful Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug Weaving is filled with the deep warm colors of a mug of cocoa. Just as winter turns into spring, beautiful flowers erupt from the brown gray ground of this piece.   Woven to life using 100% Native Churro wool, all colors are natural and undyed. 

By blending natural wool colors—gray, beige, cream, brown and black—together seamlessly using the time-honored method of “carding,” the Two Grey Hills weaving features beautiful, intricate patterns, and unforgettable hues you simply won’t find with manufactured products.  The perfect choice for a neutral decor.

Helen Bia, exceptional master weaver was touched at birth with Spiderwoman's blessing.  Her pieces of woven art have won awards and included in museum exhibits.  Click here to read more about HelenShe also has weavings featured in “The Fine Art of Navajo Weaving”

Weaving is a spiritual thing for a Navajo weaver and many hours are spent not only weaving, but singing, speaking and sharing their life with the wool.  Helen says, "Weaving is very important to me as it keeps me stable, brings me knowledge, wisdom and strength.  Though weaving is a lot of work, and I mean a lot of work – I think of my weaving as my baby, so also love."  When the weaving is slipped from the loom, it is an emotional and spiritual experience that is then passed on to you.

2nd place 2017 Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial 

This weaving is featured in our "Master Weavings of the Navajo Churro Collection" Exhibit at Nizhoni Ranch Gallery, March 2019 and the "Master Weavings of the Navajo Churro Collection" catalog.

Style Two Grey Hills 
Weaver Helen Bia
Circa 2016
Size 39" x 62"(.99M x 1.57M)
Item # Churro 1503
Learn more about the Two Grey Hills style of weaving
Learn about the Navajo Churro Collection

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