Yei / Yei-Be-Chei Navajo Rugs for Sale

NAVAJO YEI (HOLY PEOPLE) The Navajo way of life is based on an oral tradition in which stories, lessons and values are passed down from generation to generation. The Creation story of the Navajo Emergence as “The People or Dine” is as sacred as the Bible to the Navajo. One theme reoccurs often and in almost all writings, that is central to the Navajo, attainment and maintenance of harmony and beauty, called hozho.......(read more)

NAVAJO YEI BE CHEI (Yeibichai)  The Yei Be Chei dancers are the human impersonators who perform the ceremonies. The Yei Be Chei weavings present the dancers as they dance, perform, and enact the ceremony of the Yeis. Ceremonies are performed to either attract or exorcise effects to The People. The Yeis perform specific dances and rituals, as directed by the Medicine Man, during the ceremony for the desired end. During ceremony, a team will be composed of fourteen dancers: the leader Yeibichai... (read more)