Sandpainting Dragonfly Yei Navajo Weaving : Historic : GHT 2221

From our Woven Holy People collection, take a look at this beautiful Dragonfly Yei Sandpainting weaving. It dates from the 1900-1910 and was created using all hand-carded, hand-spun, and hand-dyed Merino wool. It originated in the Teec Nos Pos area.

In the center of this rug you see a square-headed female Dragonfly Yei, with round-headed male Dragonfly Yeis on the outside in white. Coming one step inside you see horned toads (with the white lines on their front. Waterbugs are represented by the geometric designs on either side of the female Dragonfly Yei.

This piece was featured in our Woven Holy People exhibit.  You can see the exhibit guide here.  It will open in a new tab.

Style Yei / Yei Be Chei
Weaver Unknown Navajo
Date Circa 1900-1910
Size 5′11″ x 3’1″ (1.80M  x .939M)
Item # GHT 2221
Learn more about Yei and Yei Be Chei weavings

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Type: Sandpainting

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