NRG: Navajo Rug Designs

Navajo Rug DesignsSteve Getzwiller has helped many clients with interior design ideas using Navajo rugs and other Native American art forms. He is an expert in making all elements in a room balance. He has a great respect for negative space, which also shows in the Navajo weavings he designs. His own home is a masterpiece of interior design, which has been featured on Home and Garden Television's "Homes Across America." It features Navajo weavings, including historic, Churro, and "The Next Phase Blankets"; Arts and Crafts furnishings; and more. It is beautifully balanced, historically significant, and spiritually uplifting all at the same time.

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He often loads his Suburban up with rugs and baskets and travels to a client's home, whether that's in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, California, or elsewhere. Once there, he will assess the home's strengths and then try different weavings and accent pieces in place, all to make a very beautiful and comfortable living space. This is always fun, as the possibilities are vast. Plus, having the opportunity to try different looks in your home is an adventure in itself!

Navajo Rug Designs also works with clients via the Internet and phone, helping them make a selection from JPEG photographs for the setting they have in their home. There are a limited number of rugs posted on the website, so please contact us for your personal needs and we can send you JPEGs of available weavings. All weavings are guaranteed for 100 percent satisfaction upon receipt, which is necessary when working long distance.

The other option, of course, is to fly into Tucson International Airport and come to Sonoita. This gives you the full inventory at your disposal and the opportunity to look at historic and contemporary rugs, and actually see of how things look in a home, as the gallery is set up that way. It's a living gallery, so great rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms, can all be seen in person to help inspire design ideas.

You'll find lots of helpful information about each of the unique handmade rug designs sold at, including the artist's name, the rug's dimensions, and the name of the design. You can also contact us to learn more about a specific rug or about Navajo rugs in general by emailing or calling (800) 737-2579. We'd love to hear from you!