NRG: Southwest Area Rugs

Southwest Area RugsOne of the most important things to consider when designing with Southwest area rugs is that different rug designs look wonderful when mixed together. With their bold, geometric designs, you might first assume that Southwest area rugs would "clash" with one another. Instead, Navajo rugs and weavings look warm and beautiful when used in multiples.

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Picture a large, rustic living room with a hardwood or even a stone floor. Imagine several Southwest area rugs in different designs scattered across the floor for warmth and beauty, and another hand-woven Navajo rug hung on the wall. A room like this is the perfect backdrop for every type of activity, from family game nights to romantic evenings in front of the fire. It's also an ideal setting for housing other art works, from stained glass to sculpture to other Navajo pieces such as basketry or pottery.

Navajo rugs and other weavings offer qualities few other design items can match. They are timeless and durable. They are tranquil and even spiritual. Plus, well-made rugs usually appreciate in value over time, making them excellent family heirlooms. They are an investment you can enjoy from the moment they arrive in your home.

The rugs and weavings we sell at are of the very highest quality. Each rug is handmade on an upright loom--the same type of loom used by the Navajo when they began weaving in the early 1700s. Our collection of historic weavings (many of which are over 100 years old) is unbeatable. We truly are the ideal resource for novice and expert collectors of Southwest area and room-sized rugs.