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Style: Storm Pattern

Each culture has a unique mythology that’s passed down from generation to generation. For the Navajo, this is captured in the beautiful and mysterious designs of the Storm Pattern weaving. Captured in a catalog published between 1903-1911, no one knows how this legendary rug came to be because its style and imagery weren’t found anywhere else in the history of the Navajo. Some say it tells the story of the Navajo Creation and Evolution of how they rose from the underworld, to the present day Navajo Land.


History of Storm Pattern Rugs
Historians and weavers alike believe that the central rectangle represents something of historical significance, such as a lake, Navajo Hogan, or even the very center of the Navajo Universe. Originating from the Crystal Trading Post (before the banded design revival), Storm Patterns have always maintained a strong central element connected by diagonal stepped lines to each corner, representing the four sacred mountains surrounding the Navajo Nation.

Unlimited Color & Style
Unlike many other Navajo rug styles, the Storm Pattern can feature an unlimited variety of muted, vibrant or vegetal colors, like the deep red hues of the Ganado, or the tans and browns of the Two Grey Hills. Storm Pattern weavers enjoy expanding their creativity into this artistic medium because it allows them to capture their own unique imaginations, in exciting and symbolic new ways. 

Seasonal Symbolism 
One of the most amazing factors surrounding Storm Pattern weavings, is the fact that designs can represent a variety of important seasons and sacred cultural aspects.  Navajo Artists adept at weaving the Storm Pattern design can illuminate the lightning associated with warm summer rains, snowflakes of a harsh winter, the four sacred Navajo mountains, the jittery water bug, or any number of imaginative designs.

Represent a Lost Legacy
Though the true origins of the Storm Pattern rugs may be lost among the annals of time, you can keep this beautiful story alive and well by adding one of these to your home. At the Nizhoni Ranch Gallery, we feature weavers who still maintain the quality craftsmanship discovered more than 100 years ago. Please check out our selection of carefully crafted Storm Pattern rugs and find a colorful, well-designed pattern that fits your own vision for what they represent.  

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