2nd Phase Womans Chief Blanket Navajo Weaving : Historic : PC 283


Very Special and Rare!!!!

This Late Classic 2nd Phase Chief Blanket is in PRISTINE CONDITION.  It has unusual grey stripes that were indicative of a woman's wearing blanket.  The wool is hand spun old Churro.  The vibrant colors are vegetal Indigo blue/ green and rabbit brush yellow.  The red may be aniline dyes from the earliest sources or a vegetal red. 

Below is an early recipe for vegetal red published in Indian Blankets and Their Makers by George Wharton James published in 1920: copyright 1914 by Edith D Farnsworth.

This is a purely vegetable dye, all the ingredients being plants or parts of plants. To make this dye the woman first burns some twigs of the juniper tree, called gad. The roots of tseesdazi, a kind of mountain mahogany, are crushed and boiled. To this is added the juniper ashes and the powdered bark of the black alder, known as kish, together with a plant called nibadlad, a moss which acts as a mordant. After the mixture has boiled until it is thought to be right it is strained and the wool or yarn is soaked in it over night.-- The result is a fine red color.  

And as you can see from the photos, this Chief blanket has very fine red color!

 Finely woven blanket handle.   

Style Chief Blankets
Weaver Unknown
Circa 1880
Size 56" x 67" 
Item # PC 283
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