Two Grey Hills Navajo Weaving : Zerena Begay : 3148

Two Grey Hills weavings are recognized by their use of natural, undyed wool. This was the first style to be attributed to a specific location - the Two Grey Hills Trading post. This style is recognized throughout the world as the finest in Navajo weaving

Zerena Begay brought this gorgeous piece to life.The different shades of brown are masterfully woven together to create this handsome piece. The earthen tones would compliment nearly any decor. Black wool is only found in sheep less than a year old; the wool becomes more gray as the sheep ages. 

To appreciate all of the time and work that goes into a piece of woven art that has been hand-carded and hand spun, please watch this youtube video which shows Master Weaver Clara Sherman carding and spinning wool. It was filmed in 2009 and is such a blessing to demonstrate the ways of the Navajo weaver. When done by hand, the preparation of the wool can take months before it ever touches the loom.

Style Two Grey Hills - Learn More
Weaver Zerena Begay
Date 2014
Size 34" x 48"  (.86M x 1.22M)
Item # 3148
Details: All hand-carded, hand-spun natural wool.

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A unique blend of history, Native American culture and storytelling make these weavings an art like no other.

To be showcased on your walls or grace your floors, this functional heirloom is one-of-a-kind piece of history that took 1000's of hours to create and will last many lifetimes. We'd love to tell you more about it! 

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