SOLD Burntwater Navajo Weaving : Cora Baldwin : B-21

Not all Navajo rugs are bold!

Characteristics that most Burntwater designs have in common include pastel or warm earth tone vegetal dyes, and a central single or double diamond design. Some will have corner cloud accents and others will have the central diamond detail and a multi-color striped background. All Burntwater designs are very finely and tightly woven.

This pastel Burntwater weaving by Cora Baldwin was made using New Zealand Romney wool which was hand dyed with vegetal dyes. The attention to detail in this complicated design is amazing. Look at the detailed photos - this is an exceptional piece!

And yes, vegetal is not a typo. It means of, or relating to, plants.

It's been said by Navajo weavers, "If you like a piece it's not because you like it, it's because IT has chosen you."

Style Burntwater 
Weaver Cora Baldwin
Date circa 1980-1990s
Size 38″ x 52″  (.787M x1.09M)
Item # B-21
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Type: Burntwater

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