Chinle Navajo Rug : Historic Runner : PC 47

This lovely Arts and Crafts Navajo runner has an unusual repeating geometric design . Tightly woven with shades of brown, gold, cream and red.   The tie down points(sew points) are still visible.  Runners are hard to weave and this one is no exception especially woven under the more primitive times of the 1920s.  
Hand carded, hand spun, hand dyed native wool 
This rug was part of the Navajo Textiles as Modern Art show and catalog 2017.

Style Chinle
Weaver Unknown Navajo
Date circa 1920
Size 43″ x 109″ (1.09M x 2.76M)
Item # PC 47
Navajo Textiles as Modern Art exhibit
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A unique blend of history, Native American culture and storytelling make these weavings an art like no other.

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Type: Chinle

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