HOLD 3rd Phase Navajo Chief Blanket : Briana Clark : Churro 1255

It's great when we have a great piece with a great provenance. This beautifully woven Chief's Blanket was woven by 17 year old (at the time) Briana Clark.  She used native Churro wool, indigo blue, and cochineal red dye. 

Brianna is an accomplished weaver, bringing weavings to life just as mother, Frances Begay, has taught her - passing on the gift of Spiderwoman to the next generation.

This gorgeous weaving earned Best of Juvenile Award at the 2012 Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial.  

Style Chief Blankets
Weaver Brianna Clark
Date 2012
Size 47″ x 58″ (3'11" x 4'10")
Item # Churro 1255
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A unique blend of history, Native American culture and storytelling make these weavings an art like no other.

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