Serape Poncho Navajo Weaving : Kathy Marianito : Churro 1450

Poncho or serape? They're not the same, but can one piece be both? We think so. A poncho is a rectangular woven piece with a slit in the middle for your head to poke through. On the other hand, a serape is a rectangular weaving meant to be worn as a shawl, over the shoulders.

Master weaver Kathy Marianato created this convertible piece. It can be worn as either a poncho or a serape. The patterns have been designed so that no matter how it is worn, it looks as if that is the correct way to be worn.

She did such a great job on it that it was awarded 1st place in Poncho Weavings at the 2015 All Indian Inter-Tribal Ceremonial. This piece is filled with Indigo and Cochineal colors and was made with Churro wool. This is a piece from our exclusive Churro Collection.
1st Place Poncho Weavings : 2015 All Indian Inter-Tribal Ceremonial

For a great article about Kathy from the Western Art Collector Magazine, click here:

Style Wearables: Manta, Serape, Child
Weaver Kathy Marianito
Date 2015
Size 35″ x 60″ (.889M x 1.528M)
Item # Churro 1450
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Type: Serape

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