Yei - Corn Yei & Rainbow Navajo Weaving : Juanita Tsosie : Churro 158

This piece was woven by Juanita Tsosie and was a ribbon winner at the Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial. 

This piece was featured in our Woven Holy People gallery exhibit.  You can see the exhibit program guide here

This Yei textile features 4 Corn yeis protected by a Rainbow Guardian Yei. The bars are rainbows, and the stalks of corn are holding gourds or seed bags. There are three tassels of corn on each yei's head ornament, and the base of each plant has three roots. 

There are four principal colors used in traditional Navajo sand painting, and they referred to the four mountains that are the boundaries of the tribe's sacred universe.

  • White represents Shell Peak or Mount Blanca in Colorado, which symbolizes the dawn. 
  • Turquoise blue represents for Turquoise Mountain or Mount Tailor, New Mexico, which symbolizes the sky. 
  • Yellow for Abalone Shell Mountain or San Francisco Peak, Arizona, and this hue is associated with twilight. 
  • Black for Black Coal Mountain or Mount Hesperus, Colorado, which appropriately stands for darkness
Style Yei / Yei Be Chei
Weaver Juanita Tsosie
Date 2012
Size 66″ x 74″ (1.67M x 1.87M)
Item # Churro 158
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Type: Yei

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