Chee Dodge - Crystal Pictorial Navajo Rug : Historic : PC 276

This pristine Hero Twin Pictorial is vibrant and unusual.  Attached with a lead seal  is the original certificate of authenticity.  This paper tag was attached to all Navajo rugs beginning in 1937.  It stated for the consumer that the product was a  Navajo all-wool woven fabrics and was used by the government as a certificate of genuineness.  We have seen lead seals before, but never the paper certificate from this time period. To make this even more special Chee Dodge's name is typed on the certificate, along with Crystal New Mexico. 

Part of the Navajo Head Man, Chee Dodge was not a full-blooded Navajo and he had been chosen by a U.S. government as a representative for his people—Dodge eventually won the confidence of his people, serving as a bridge between the white world and the traditional world of the Navajo. In 1890 Dodge opened a trading post on the Navajo Reservation with a white partner, Stephen E. Aldrich. He also built up a successful livestock business.

Hand carded, hand spun and hand dyed with Rambouillet wool.

Style Crystal
Weaver Unknown Navajo
Circa 1930-1940s
Size 48" x 75" (4' x 6'3")
Item # PC 276
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Henry Chee Dodge

Navajo political leader
Birthplace: Fort Defiance, Ariz.
Native American Henry Chee Dodge (c.1857–1947) was one of the most famous and revered Navajo tribal leaders.

The identity of Dodge's father is uncertain, but he may have been a white Indian agent or Army officer. His mother was a Navajo-Jemez Indian who was killed during a campaign led by Kit Carson against the Navajos in 1864. The survivors, including Dodge, were forced to walk hundreds of miles from northeast Arizona to northwest New Mexico, where they were confined on the Bosque Redondo Reservation at Fort Sumner. In 1868 Dodge returned to Fort Defiance with his adopted Navajo family.

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Type: Crystal

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