Crystal / Storm / JB Moore Variant : Historic Navajo Weaving : GHT 337

Influenced by the designs in the JB Moore catalog, the weaver of this piece used her imagination to create a one of a kind piece of Navajo weaving history. 

This incredible Crystal / Storm pattern weaving has an unusual "hook" border at the top and bottom. It has a delightful positive - negative design with an celestial influence. The artist chose to use small arrows in the central design which at first seems unusual until you step back and look at it and realize it was the perfect decision. This piece has been a part of the Getzwiller collection. 

Before this artist ever started creating art on the loom, she had to shear the wool from the Merino sheep, clean it, hand card it, hand spin it, and then hand dye it.   

To appreciate all of the time and work that goes into a piece of woven art that has been hand-carded and hand spun, please watch this youtube video which shows Master Weaver Clara Sherman carding and spinning wool. It was filmed in 2009 and is such a blessing to demonstrate the ways of the Navajo weaver. When done by hand, the preparation of the wool can take months before it ever touches the loom.

This beautiful piece was featured in the Navajo Textiles as Modern Art exhibit held at Nizhoni Ranch Gallery March 11 - June 30 2017.  

Style Crystal / Storm Pattern / JB Moore
Weaver Unknown
Date Circa 1900s
Size 45" x 61" (3'9" x 5'1")
Item # GHT 337
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Type: Crystal

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