Crystal / Storm / JB Moore Variant : Historic Navajo Weaving : PC 124

Influenced by the designs in the JB Moore catalog, the weaver of this piece used her imagination to create a one of a kind piece of Navajo weaving history. 

This incredible Crystal / Storm pattern weaving is a beautiful optical design, using hand carded, hand spun Merino wool. 

This beautiful piece was featured in the Navajo Textiles as Modern Art exhibit held at Nizhoni Ranch Gallery March 11 - June 30 2017.  Check out the Navajo Textiles As Modern Art catalog on page 37.

Style Crystal / Storm Pattern / JB Moore
Weaver Unknown
Date Circa 1900s
Size 49" x 68" (1.24M x 1.73M)
Item # PC 124
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Type: Crystal

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