Germantown / Storm Pattern : Historic : GHT 1912

This early Germantown Storm Pattern weaving is in EXCELLENT condition.  It is very finely woven as the detailed images will confirm.  

It's interesting as you study this design in detail, you can see how the four corner elements are connected by pointed lightning lines and surround the central twin-element.  

This exceptional rug has many design elements from the JB Moore Catalog and should be considered a plate variant of these rugs. Plate #9, plate #13  

JB Moore catalog page.  Plate IX JB Moore catalog page.  Plate XIII

This weaving was featured in a London Financial Times article.  Click here to view the article.  

Style Germantown 
Weaver Unknown Navajo
Date circa 1900-1910
Size 37″ x 71″ (.93M x 1.8M)
Item # GHT 1912
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Type: Germantown

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