Crystal JB Moore Plate XXVII Transitional : Historic : GHT 882

In 1911 JB Moore published a catalog featuring rugs that could be purchased.  This weaving was derived from plate XII (see images) and original sold for $1 per square foot, or approximately $35, a pretty expensive piece in those days. 

The red was dyed, and the rest was woven using naturally colored native wool which had been hand-carded and hand-spun.

Originally seen as a result of JB Moore's influence at the Crystal Trading post, this "quincunx design (an arrangement of five objects with four at the corners of a square or rectangle and the fifth at its center) was woven by just one family for a while. The Storm pattern had one appearance in his 1903 catalog (#9) and two in the 1911 catalog (#27 & #28) it was very well received.  Later, the Storm Pattern became a regionally recognized style from the Tuba (western area) of the reservation. 

Style JB Moore 
Weaver Unknown Navajo
Date circa 1910
Size 54″ x 95″ (4'6" x 7'11")
Item # GHT 882
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