SOLD Basket : Hopi Coiled Plaque - Palhik Mana : Basket2

Woven for centuries by the Hopi Women of Second Mesa, ceremonial baskets or trays were given as gifts as thanks for the blessings received during the year.  

The women who wove these treasures would have gathered the natural material from their environments.  The designs were of animals, geometric shapes, or most commonly of Katsina images - the spirit essences of of things in the Hopi universe. 

Quality items like this one rarely make it to the collector as their purpose for being woven was ceremonial, and not for retail. 

The image on this tray is of "Palhik Mana" or Butterfly Maiden.  She is the spirit nature of Springtime - bringing in the season of renewal, new hopes, and transformation. 

Flat tray
Circa:  1930s
Size:  16" diameter
2-sided design

The Hopi language does not included the "ch" sound.  When speaking of the spirit dancers, Katsina is used.  When speaking of the carved dolls that represent them, kachina is used. The plural of Katsina is Katsinam.

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Type: Basketry

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