Native American Jewelry : Navajo: Butterfly Pins : Lee Charley : NAJ-21PA

Butterfly Pins or Pendants
Navajo Artist :  Lee Charley
Stamped   Sterling : LC  
 2 3/4″ across : 2″ long
weight .9 oz.
Pin and small hoop to attach to a Necklace

Navajo jewelry artist Lee Charley learned the art of silver-smithing from his mother. He is known for his whimsical designs of creatures of the earth, water, and sky. You can see in the delicate pins below, that he certainly has a talent for creating wearable works of art.

Each piece has a pin and small hoop to attach to a necklace as a pendant.

Please indicate which pin you are interested in when ordering - Red coral or blue turquoise

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Type: Pins

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