SOLD Jewelry : Kingman Turquoise Bolo Tie : Harrison Bitsue : Bolo-1

Harrison Bitsue comes from a long line of silversmiths. His father Albert, and Harry Morgan and Robert Chee of his extend family all make jewelry.  His grandfather, Charlie Bitsue was a famous artisan and taught Harrison the art when he was a young boy. He made his first pieces - rings and najas - when he was 7 hears old. 

Harrison uses the sandcasting technique for his silver work and uses molds/designs that his grandfather used. 

This piece was designed to showcase a beautiful piece of Kingman Turquoise. 

Bolo 1: Natural Kingman Turquoise  Navajo Bolo Tie
Sandcast Sterling Silver
Harrison Bitsue
Stamped : Sterling

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Type: Bolo Ties

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