Jewelry : Lizard Pin : Lee Charley : NAJ-13p

Born in 1968, Lee Charley learned his craft from his mother, Nellie.  She would have orders come in for 200 or so bracelets as a piece worker.  Charley would help by cutting the silver, buffing it, and whatever else she needed done.  

After nine years or so, he set out on his own.  Many of his early pieces carried his mother's influence.  He  slowly developed his own unique style.  Large bugs are his favorite piece to create, but we think he does a great job with lizards too! He is known for his whimsical designs of creatures of the earth, water, and sky. 

Lee lives in his birthplace of Thoreau, NM with his wife and three children. 

Coral and Silver Lizard  Pin / Pendant
Navajo Artist :  Lee Charley
Stamped   Sterling : LC  
The back features a pin and small hoop to attach to a necklace

3 1/4″ long

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Type: Pins

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