SOLD Manta : Alpaca Navajo Weaving : Cara Gorman : Churro 1515

Cara Gorman wove an Alpaca weaving which was a custom order.  She is an extreme perfectionist when it comes to her craft.  Since the Alpaca yarns are all different sizes she is challenged to expanding her imagination on tradition and what is possible in order to create this weaving in perfect symmetrical fashion. 

The lucky individual commissioning this rug is not as concerned with it being perfectly woven, but for an artist the little details are the delicacy.  Gail advised her to think of it as a 3 dimensional piece with the different sized yarns giving it a rugged and deep texture. We will see what happens!

Style Wearables: Manta, Serape, Child
Weaver Cara Gorman - Meet the Weaver
Date 2017
Size 47" x 36"
Item # Churro 1515
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Type: Womans Manta

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