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Navajo silversmith Steve Arviso creates jewelry inspired by old Navajo styles with an emphasis on the natural beauty of the stone. He does not believe in forcing his turquoise to become anything other than what it chooses to be.

"I'm a creator more than an artist," says Steven; "When I get a piece of turquoise, I don't instantly know what I'm going to make ... out of 20, 30 stones, only 1 piece will speak to me." Steven will blow life onto his stone, as God blew life into Adam. "When God created man, he gave man breath. I do the same with my jewelry, " he says.

Steven will put the chosen stone in his pocket and go about his daily chores and routines, such as tending to his Paint Horses, which he breeds and raises. He will spend time with his turquoise, and it will cause him to think about his own life. Whatever feelings and thoughts Steven experiences while the stone is on his person, are the same he will transmit into the final piece of jewelry the stone will become a part of.

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Turquoise  and Sterling Silver Navajo Bracelet

Artisan:  Steve Arviso, Navajo
Stamped : Sterling : Steve Arviso
5 1/4″ silver with 1″ opening (slightly expandable)
graduates to 1/2″ width
center stone 5/16″ x 3/8″

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Type: Bracelets

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