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 An Apache Olla basket is a very specific kind of woven basket. Originally made to hold grain, it is generally taller than it is wide, has a full body which narrows to a smaller neck, and then gently slopes to a full open mouth.  Collectors should look for a basket which is well balanced and symmetrical in both design and shape. 

Date circa 1900-1910
Size 11.5" x 11.5"
Item  Apache Olla

Apache Ollas were at their peak from 1880 - 1940.  Traditionally made of willow, the Apache weaver would use Devils Claw to create the darker design.

Devil's Claw used in creating dark designs in Native American Basketry

 According to one source, “Devil’s claw is a nasty plant which has ends with sharp thorn-like projections and a very tough outer skin. Weavers produced individual devil’s claw strips by running the plant through their teeth. Over time this led to grooves in their teeth.”

Here we have a fantastic Apache Olla.  This piece is most unusual because it features Medicine Man and dogs in the design.  It was woven in 1900-1910 and is in amazing condition.



It's been said by Navajo weavers, "If you like a piece it's not because you like it, it's because IT has chosen you."

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Type: Basketry

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