Native American Basket : Hopi Wicker Plaque : Basket 28

In the Northeast area of the Navajo Reservation you will find the Hope Reservation. Within the Hopi Nation are three mesas which serve as home to the Hopi.The Hopi have continually lived on the Third Mesa since 1150 AD. Using materials found locally - rabbit brush, yucca, sumac, dune brush, willow, and galleta grass.

Women of the Third Mesa are known for their plaques - shallow trays used for ceremonial meals, and burden baskets. These wickerwork baskets have the most color with vibrant combinations of red, brown, black yellow, white, green, and pink. They can be found with nature, Kachina, and geometric designs.

Hopi Baskets are recognized for their quality and beauty.

Basket 28 : Hopi Wicker Plaque
Flat Tray: A/B sides: Manta Design
Grand Canyon Start
circa 1950s
12.5″ diameter 

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Type: Basketry

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