Native American Basket : Hopi - Peach

Travelers to the Hopi Nation were often greeted by the many peach trees of the area.  Baskets were made to gather the fruit and other food items and were called Burden Baskets.  

The peach trees dwindled and are found naturally high up on the mesa where it is difficult to gather the fruits.  Smaller burden baskets, called Peach Baskets were also made. These baskets were made from materials found in the environment. They were dyed with natural dyes.

This beautiful Peach Basket brings us the black color from dyed yucca, the yellow, green, pink, and orange colors are stunning. 

Hopi Peach Basket
circa 1940s
Size: 5-1/2″ deep x 11-1/2″ diameter 

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Type: Basketry

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