SOLD Optical Navajo Child's blanket : Kathy Marianito : Churro 1571

This one was started in August 2017 and arrived at Nizhoni Ranch June 2018.  That is nearly a year on the loom!  This special weaving went through a Navajo Blessing Ceremony. 

In 2016 Steve sent many spools of super fine wool to Kathy, and this is one of her creations!  Kathy has woven a small Woman's Manta Optical using vegetal and aniline dyed wool. She wove this one with a needle...  


Kathy's Optical sampler is her own design and is spectacular in person!
steve getzwiller and Kathy Marianito Steve with Kathy and her husband - December 2015

This weaving is featured in our "Master Weavings of the Navajo Churro Collection" Exhibit at Nizhoni Ranch Gallery, March 2019 and the "Master Weavings of the Navajo Churro Collection" catalog.

Style Optical Navajo weaving
Weaver Kathy Marianito
Circa  2018
Size 34" x 51"
Item # Churro 1571
Awards 1st place 2018 Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial
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Type: Optical

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