Painting - Time To Visit Neighbors : Randy Keedah

Randy Keedah 
Giclee Framed Print
Limited edition 007/200
Time To Visit Neighbors 
17” x 21″

Randy was raised on his maternal grandparents’ sheep ranch, in the home of his birth. He was working like a man by the young age of seven, out on the land with the horses and tending sheep. He also hauled wood and water with horse and wagon since there was no electricity or running water. This complete familiarity, love, and respect of Mother Earth, the American Indian people, and real western life shows in each piece Randy creates.

Randy loves color and art literally pours from his heart and mind. He is a kind and caring man who paints only peaceful and happy scenes. All of his paintings look so real and lifelike that you feel you are actually there. Randy hopes to reach his goal and be recognized among the great western artists.

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Type: Paintings

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